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Anchor has invested in developing a Better Workplace team, a group of staff members representing all areas of the business, who act as our “employee voice”. I have found this “voice” so important because it guides myself and my senior leadership team in the right direction- where our staff want to go!!

Heidi Tucker

CEO, Anchor



 All employers have legal obligations to consult their employees on matters that affect them whether that be the introduction of some change in systems and technology or a restructure of the business or workplace health and safety requirements or something else that impacts on employees.

The more that you involve your people in looking at these issues and helping with the change process, the better the outcomes are going to be for your business and your people.

Establishing a Workplace Improvement Team (WIT) that is representative of your workforce and has a genuine voice with both management and employees is a great way to do that. It will also substantially improve the effectiveness of communications within the business.

A bonus is that, when you involve your people in the process of working out how to make things better, you tap into all of these additional experiences and knowledge and perceptions and connections that your people have.

Some of the matters that your WIT might have on the agenda are:

  • Business performance
  • Workplace health and safety
  • Introduction of change
  • Training and development
  • Staff wellbeing
  • Social calendar and events
  • HRM and WHS policies
  • Consultation under modern awards
  • Staff amenities 

We help with: 

  • Setting up a Charter or Constitution for the Team setting out the responsibilities of the Workplace Improvement Team and its members, what it is set up to do and how it is to operate 
  • Developing an Action Plan that serves as the ongoing agenda for the WIT so that things really happen and are not just talked about
  • Training the WIT in how to operate effectively, initially facilitating meetings and
  • Being on call for any advice or specialist input on specific matters the WIT is working on.


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