In our “Better Workplace Projects” we take a multi-faceted approach to organisational development using a range of internationally recognised best practice frameworks.

We start with a diagnostic essentially by asking a representative cross section of your people in 1-on-1 confidential conversations about their perspectives on what it is like to work in your business, what the strengths are and where there are opportunities for improvement. We also have a look at your strategic direction and goals as a business commercially and culturally.

Then we frame the information that we gather for analysis and feedback to you against the Engage for Success framework, a simple and practical tool for improving employee engagement through four pillars:

  1. Strategic narrative
  2. Engaging management
  3. Employee voice
  4. Integrity

We then apply our unique 4C model to give you a picture of where your organisation sits based on the diagnostic. The 4Cs are representative of the level of maturity of an organisation’s people and culture:

C1: Commitment: The organisation has made public commitments through policies and plans  which have been effectively communicated to people.

C2: Capability: The organisation has additionally invested in the necessary resources (people, tools & equipment, systems & procedures, facilities, etc) to implement its commitments.

C3: Competency: The organisation has also deployed the knowledge and skills necessary to leverage its capability and deliver positive performance outcomes.

C4: Culture: The organisation has done all of that and has an embedded culture of positive leadership, employee engagement and continuous improvement that consistently delivers high performance outcomes.

Recognising the importance of employee engagement in cultural change, we will help you to establish, launch and enable a representative Better Workplace Team to celebrate and optimise the strengths identified and to harness and drive the improvement opportunities.

The change management model that we use is Appreciative Inquiry, a positive psychology based methodology for transformation by changing the language and the mindset to focus on strengths and opportunities rather than weaknesses and risks.

Ridgeline HR Practice Leader, Peter Maguire is our lead consultant on our “Better Workplace Projects”. Peter has a long and extensive history in working with organisations on cultural change and performance improvement. For many years, Peter did this as Australia’s only accredited Investors in People assessor as well as directly through Ridgeline HR.

If you are interested in learning how we can help you to make your workplace “A Better Workplace”, give Peter a call on 0438 533 311 or email him at