Many people who go into business have little training and experience in managing and developing staff or find themselves unable to find the time to do this as well as they would like.

So, as the business grows and they need to take on more people, leadership and staff management become more and more critical to business success.

Equally, the commitments involved in employing people are significant and require careful management to avoid costly legal exposures.

What is generally needed is a combination of a few core processes and a friendly professional advisor/sounding board to work through people issues and options for addressing them.

We do this using our 4C model tailored to your ambition (ie what you specifically need to improve in your business outcomes and personal competencies) :

C1: Commitment: The organisation has made public commitments through policies and plans which have been effectively communicated to people.

C2: Capability: The organisation has invested in the necessary resources (people, tools & equipment, systems & procedures, facilities, etc) to implement its commitments.

C3: Competency: The organisation deploys the knowledge and skills necessary to leverage its capability and deliver positive performance outcomes.

C4: Culture: The organisation has an embedded culture of positive leadership, employee engagement and continuous improvement that delivers high performance outcomes.

This multi-faceted approach ensures a balanced and practical consideration of all of the angles and delivers the right program style and focus for your needs. It also provides both the platform to ensure satisfaction of legal obligations as an employer and optimisation of your value proposition as an employer (ie what makes people want to work for you).

That is why it helps to make a better workplace.