What We Do

“Help you with any and all aspects of your PEOPLE BUSINESS” 


“Here are a selection of ways in which we can help. However, we encounter new challenges all the time and one of our strengths is our creativity. So, if what you need isn’t in any of the boxes below, give us a call anyway.” 

Outsourced HRM

As your business and your headcount grows, you will need more strategic and operational HR support and we can help you with that all the way until you need your own HR Manager (and then we will help you find the right one). We’ll develop a plan and a budget with you and be there when you need us.

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Employment Hero

At Ridgeline HR, we recognise the importance of having modern systems and technologies that equip our clients and ourselves to work together in the virtual world as well as in the traditional ways.

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Performance MANAGEment

If you manage people, there are going to be situations where it is necessary to address deficiencies in performance or behaviour.
These can be difficult conversations but they need to be had.

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fair work compliance services

At Ridgeline HR, we have extensive experience in helping clients with compliance with Fair Work and modern award obligations.

You can get a professional and comprehensive Fair Work compliance assessment for as little as $750 plus GST.

Plus we can provide you with employment agreements and HRM policies tailored to your business directly or through the Employment Hero portal.

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Enterprise agreement services

There are lots of good reasons for having an enterprise agreement but it is a very complicated process to make one. We have helped with lots of enterprise agreements  in various industries because they require the sort of specialised knowledge and support that Ridgeline HR offers.

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Interested in finding out how you can transform your business performance and workplace culture by using a positive psychology approach? If so, pop over to our affiliate poswork.com.au and find out how.

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Effectively manage your consultation and communication obligations and get your people really involved in improving workplace relations and business performance.

We can help you to set up a Workplace Improvement Team, train them and get them up and running with a relevant and practical Workplace Improvement Plan. 

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Find and engage SERVICE

Need help with finding the right people and getting them up and running in your business. We don’t just put up an ad and screen people for you to interview. We can help you all the way from initial job design through to confirmation of employment following probation with all of the steps and documentation in between. 

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In just about every employee survey that we know of, “communication” is identified as the #1 improvement opportunity.
One of the reasons for that is that we can tend to focus on what is wrong and what needs to be fixed.

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