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The value of community contribution

by | Feb 24, 2022 | C1: Commitment, C4: Culture

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We all know that people like to work for organisations that make a contribution to community.

It gives people a sense of meaning and purpose that, by performing to the best of their ability in service to their employer, they are potentially contributing to the community.

It gives them a sense of pride that the organisation that they work for is a good citizen who makes a positive difference in the community.

And if they get the opportunity to do some voluntary work themselves, they get a personal sense of fulfilment by helping others and making a positive difference themselves;  

Throughout our 22 years in business, Ridgeline HR has been engaged in a range of voluntary work – with Chambers of Commerce, the Our Local FIRM business group founded by our Practice Leader, Peter Maguire and with local charities, the Foothills Foundation and Charitable Trust and Communities of Wellbeing.

The Foothills Foundation and Charitable Trust is a charity that has been helping disadvantaged people in the community since 1976. It operates in Melbourne’s outer east centred on Maroondah and Yarra Ranges.  See

Communities of Wellbeing is a relatively new organisation which is dedicated to enhancing community wellbeing so as to help people to flourish and to prevent mental illness. See

Through that community involvement, we have met some wonderful people and developed some positive and lasting relationships.

That involvement has also enhanced our reputation and delivered business opportunities.

Plus organisations who give to the community add to their Employee Value Proposition – as noted above, people like to work for community-minded businesses.

On top of all of that, it is great for our wellbeing because giving of yourself gives you good vibes.

This year, we are looking to further grow our business and so we have been exploring business groups that might help us to do that.

In that exploration, two important considerations have been the character of the group and its members and their contribution to community.

We are delighted to now be part of:

  • VIP Business Network run by Margaret Cunliffe, an extraordinary organiser, connector, promoter and community contributor. See
  • BB4G founded by another extraordinary woman in Brenda Thomson – it is a social enterprise which contributes 100% of its profits to helping people escape poverty through developing their own businesses. See

So, in closing, let’s just recap on the benefits of contributing to the community – because it:

  1. Helps give life meaning
  2. Gives people purpose
  3. Enhances the business reputation
  4. Provides positive community connections
  5. Delivers business opportunities
  6. Adds to your EVP and
  7. Is good for your wellbeing

With those 7 reasons, surely that makes the business case on the value of community contribution.


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