Getting with the strengths

Getting with the strengths

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Getting with the strengths

At Ridgeline HR, VIA Character Strengths are now an essential part of our toolkit in our organisational development, workplace wellbeing and coaching programs.

We are also using this terrific framework as part of our own teambuilding and business development activity.

The value in this character strengths approach is multi-faceted.

It helps us to understand ourselves, why we flourish in some activities and struggle in others and that helps us to better manage our own performance and wellbeing.

It helps us to understand the same things about our teammates and how we can optimise our relationships by using our respective strengths and supporting each other in areas where we might not be so strong individually. That makes us a more effective, more balanced and happier team.

You can learn more about VIA Character Strengths at the VIA Institute on Character – see Take the free character strengths survey to get started.

Our Practice Leader, Peter Maguire who is also on the Executive Committee of Communities of Wellbeing has recently been making daily posts on the CoW facebook page exploring each of the 24 VIA Character Strengths in the lead up to Christmas. It is a Character Strengths Advent Calendar.

Check it out at

Interested in developing your character strengths? – Find out how we can help you develop a strengths-based approach to enhance performance and wellbeing – for yourself, your team or your business.


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