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Psychosocial hazard #6 – Inadequate reward and recognition

by | Sep 6, 2023 | C3: Competency, C4: Culture, Psychosocial hazards

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The next psychosocial hazard that is listed in Safe Work Australia’s Model Code of Practice on Managing Psychosocial Hazards at Work is “inadequate reward and recognition”.

Why is inadequate reward and recognition a psychosocial hazard?

This hazard involves jobs where there is an imbalance between workers’ effort and recognition and rewards, both formal and informal.

Some questions that you might ask to assess whether there are any psychosocial hazards related to inadequate reward and recognition in your workplace include:

  • Do people get unfair negative feedback or criticism or get blamed for things that they have no control over or where they do not have the training, resources or support they need?
  • Do people not get the feedback that they need to understand and address improvements needed in their work performance or behaviour?
  • Do people not get positive feedback and due recognition for the contributions that they make in their roles, in their teams and in the organisation as a whole?
  • Is there favouritism or nepotism or any other unfair, biased or inequitable distribution of rewards and recognition?
  • Are people not receiving their due entitlements under workplace laws?
  • Do people not get reasonable opportunities for development?
  • Are peoples’ skills and knowledge and performance achievements not recognised eg are they subject to an unnecessary level of supervision given their capabilities?

This list is not exhaustive and while we have based these posts on the model code produced by Safe Work Australia, there can be differences in the specific details for each State or Territory. So you need to check that in the jurisdiction in which your workplace lies.

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