Positive Communications

Getting the right messages told the right way



In just about every employee survey that we know of, “communication” is identified as the #1 improvement opportunity.
One of the reasons for that is that we can tend to focus on what is wrong and what needs to be fixed.That has really been driven into us because of the compliance requirements that all businesses have to manage.
While we do need to ensure that compliance obligations, we are dealing with people and if we want to get them engaged in helping us with those, we have to send the right messages in the right way
So we need to use positive language. For example, instead of having a Bullying and Harassment Policy, have a Respectful Workplace Policy and start with “what good looks like”. Of course, we need to include something about the consequences of not complying with the policy but that is subsidiary to and balanced by the main message about the good stuff. It is the footnote as it should be rather than the headline.
Another way that we help is in capturing and telling positive stories about our clients and their people. Taking a balanced approach by celebrating the successes while also recognising and working on things that can be improved in a positive way will help in getting your people engaged on what you need them to. 
We also help with positive change management  and better consultation and communication through our Workplace Improvement Team approach.


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