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Find and engage people

Finding and attracting the right people isn’t easy and it can be a time consuming, frustrating and expensive process especially when you don’t have the in-house expertise to do it professionally.

The labour market is highly competitive and, if you are going to be successful in recruitment, you need (and we can help you with):

  1. A clear understanding of the attributes needed to be successful in the role in your business.
  2. An appreciation of where that right someone is likely to come from so that you can target your investment.
  3. A sound value proposition that is going to be attractive for that right someone.
  4. The ability to let people know positively about your value proposition ie why they should apply for the job.
  5. Verification of minimum wages and conditions that apply to the role under workplace laws and modern awards.
  6. A formula and practical tools for objectively and practically assessing candidates’ fit with the attributes required for the role and for your business.
  7. The time and skills to be able to do all of that.
  8. Then, once you have found the right person, you need to contract them properly and legally.
  9. Then onboard them to get them up and running effectively as part of your team as soon as possible to get them engaged and productive.
  10. Management of the new employee’s progression through the probationary period to confirmation as a member of your ongoing team.

How are we different from a recruitment agency

  1. Firstly, we are a full service HRM consulting firm, not just a recruiter. We can help you with any and all of these steps in the process working with you flexibly in partnership based on your business and personal needs. That is because we have expertise in workplace relations, recruitment and selection techniques, employee engagement and generalist HR.
  2. We’ll offer you flexible packaging based on your service needs on an hourly rate or fixed price basis.
  3. As part of the process, we will help you develop your processes and skills in recruiting and engaging people in the right way.
  4. We don’t believe in offering you replacement guarantees because we believe that you should only pay us for our services, not for an insurance policy. As a result, you will find our fees to be highly competitive.
  5. If we don’t find the person you are looking for, you just pay us for the work that we have done.

Finding and engaging the right people, helping to develop your skills and processes, developing your employer value proposition and ensuring that you meet your legal obligations in employing people all help you to find the right person and manage all of the risks involved in finding and  hiring people.


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