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On December 1 2022 the Victorian Government introduced the Fair Jobs Code which lays a set of standards that businesses and organisations must meet in order to receive certain contracts or grants from the Victorian Government. The Government has introduced this in the hopes of creating a more secure, fair and inclusive process when tendering for work or grants. We’ll run through how it works here.

Who does it apply to?

The code applies to:

    • Suppliers who bid for procurements (goods, works, or services) worth $3 million or more; and
    • Subcontractors who deliver work worth $10 million or more on procurements of $20 million or more; and
    • Businesses who apply for business expansion grants of $500,000 or more where job delivery is a focus of the expansion.

What are the standards laid out in the Code?

The standards set out in the Fair Jobs Code are:

Standard 1: Comply with all applicable employment, industrial relations and workplace health and safety obligations

Standard 2: Promote secure employment and job security

Standard 3: Foster co-operative and constructive relationships between employers, employees and their representatives

Standard 4: Foster workplace diversity and equity

Standard 5: Promote supply chain compliance

How does it work?

All suppliers and businesses that meet the monetary thresholds laid out above must have a Pre-Assessment Certificate that shows how they comply with Standard 1 i.e. that businesses and suppliers have a history of complying with industrial relations and workplace health and safety laws over a 3 year period prior to applying for a certificate. For more information on Pre-Assessment Certificates visit this site.

In addition to the Pre-Assessment Certificate, businesses and suppliers who tender on large contracts or for large grants must prepare a Fair Jobs Code Plan which demonstrates how they plan to meet Standards 2-5. For more information on preparing a Fair Jobs Code Plan visit this site.

How can we help?

We can review your current policies and procedures and audit your employment and industrial relation obligations for to see if you are ready to meet the requirements of a Pre-Assessment Certificate or a Fair Jobs Code Plan.

For more information on anything mentioned please check the Fair Jobs Code page on the Victorian Government web site or if you need further assistance please give us a call on 1300 108 488.


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